Eating More Frequently Will Make You Lose Weight Quickly

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The notion of ‘eat more to lose weight’ seems wrong to most people even those trying to lose 10 pounds fast. The risks to going through a starvation diet that is commonly believed as the fast weight loss diet are far greater than its benefits. Your fight against obesity will not end until you pass away because of the harm it brought to your body’s weight management system. This kind of damage can easily be avoided so you can have a healthy body as you age.

When you decide to take Leanbean daily, then you can get immediate results of the supplement. There is immediate reduction in the excessive fat of the body. For the proper management of the body, you need to consider to take the right dose to get the desired results.

It is important to first understand the relationship between metabolic rate and eating frequency. To achieve that you need to know how the body functions when you don’t eat for three or more hours. When your body doesn’t obtain the nutrients it requires to function, it enters into a preservation mode – sort of like hibernation.

This is a mode where starvation trigger is prompted. Starvation trigger, an instinct used by the body for survival, slows down your metabolism to make sure that your body will gradually burn fat to maintain the minimum energy level for you to survive over time despite the unfavorable conditions. Thus, your fat is preserved when it reaches this point.

In this mode, your body increases its production of insulin and other enzymes that stores food as fat. On your next meal, more fat than what is normal is stored in the body. Finally, when your body has not taken any food for more than three hours your appetite will surely increase. You get that heavy feeling, exactly the same as you feel after your Christmas dinner. This condition of your body does not support fat burning. When this happens, your metabolism slows down and fat is stored in your body.

Eat more often to lose weight

When you eat smaller bites more frequently, you will surely lose weight faster. Eating this way every 2 hours is an ideal way to avoid over-eating and keep the metabolic rate up. Snacking on fruits and vegetables or eating other healthy snacks between meals will keep you satisfied and supply the body with necessary energy so the “fat-storing” mode will not be triggered. These are healthy diet plans.

You will need to do a little organizing. When you go shopping next time, go get yourself a supply of healthy snacks and go for metabolism boosting foods. Try a boiled egg mashed with cottage cheese or cream cheese on a stick of celery with fresh almonds. Use your imagination to come up with healthy snacks to avoid eating junk foods. Don’t starve yourself, eat healthy food every two hours.

Small portion for a small gut

Make it a habit to use a small plate at home and when you’re in a restaurant, try to ask for their child’s size serving.A clear soup will help when you begin your meal with it. It will help if you’re able to eat 80% of your food before four o’clock. Make it a habit to drink a glass of water 10 minutes before you have your regular meal or eat a small piece of dark chocolate. These two options will help you keep your appetite at bay.

Your body tends to use food as it is eaten and stores it when you do not use it. It’s not how much you eat in a day that matters. It is when and how often you eat that does. This is why you should eat more to lose 10 pounds fast. Have a large breakfast, snack through to lunch, snack in the afternoon and have a small meal at night. I urge you to eat now if you haven’t taken anything the past three hours.