How Do You Get To Achieve Some Unique Weapons In The Game Of Minecraft Dungeons

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The present generation is highly inclined to games. And even though too much “inclination” towards such games was not considered an appreciable trait before, the Millenials have successfully paved their way out of all such stereotypes, by making the world of gaming an extremely pursuable career. Outside the arena of only a few local online matches, such gaming sessions are now being organized globally, open to participation for all. These tournaments are no less than real-life tournaments and can bring the winner not only the first position but also attractive rewards to keep encouraging them to do what they love.

One such game at present that is not only being popularized largely with each passing day but also is loved by many such online gamers with the intention to bring them remarkable victory in the field someday is Minecraft. Even if playing games with a vision can somewhat be treated as a career plan, one should never forget how the initial and whole point of playing games is to enjoy the process and be extremely thrilled by the game. 

Minecraft is one such game that has bagged sudden immense popularity in real-time, and that is principally because of how interesting, engaging, and out-of-the-box this game is. There are several features to this game that makes it even more attractive to the gamers, one of which is the “unique and best weapons.”

What are these unique and best weapons?

If you are already into Minecraft, you probably already know what this game is largely about, combat. Besides all the essential functions the gamer has to perform in this game, combat takes the principal place because that is how you survive more in the game and hence, can keep playing and also have more chances of actually winning the same. 

But can you just combat the enemies with nothing? Absolutely not, and that is exactly where you need these unique best weapons that are not only going to play the role of a shield for you but also with their unique features take you ahead in the game. And of course, they assure more of your safety than the normal weapons ever can.

Are these unique weapons worth the hype? Is it going to be wise enough to try them?

  • These unique weapons may sound like an extremely attractive option for everyone, but let this article make you face the truth, that is not always the case. If you are a player who is already in the adventure or legendary style level, unique weapons might no more be of that great help to you.
  • In case you are wondering what exactly these unique weapons are and if they are some foreign and brand new weapons, no it’s not. They, in reality, are merely some advanced and special versions of the same old weapons of Minecraft Dungeons. These weapons are some special archetypes and are specifically accompanied by a unique enchantment, besides the enchantment points you already get to choose.
  • Such pre-installed enchantment is what makes these weapons stand out from others. Why? Because these are the ones that signify that with these weapons you can actually stack up some extremely powerful effects onto each of such weapons. And you can do all these under a comparatively low investment. This means added benefits under less prices. How cool is that? 
  • But the reality is, as you keep leveling up in the game for your good, these unique weapons will eventually be outdated and proven quite useless for your advanced level. And hence, it’s wise to not hold onto them anymore once you figure out that they are not going to be of much help to you anymore and replace them with better regular ones that work more efficiently at your level.

How can you have access to the best legendary and unique weapons on Minecraft?

Now you are well aware of the unique weapons’ existence, a new update to the lists of weapons. But what matters to you the most now is how you can have your hands on them to help you ensure your best safety. Well, you can have access to these weapons to try them out by yourself in three ways. 

  • The not-so-popular one in this clan is a very rare drop from regular mobs. These are mostly likely to take place only once during the entire gameplay.
  • The one that achieved quite a lot of attention from gamers compared to the previous ones is from golden chests you may find around different levels. These need you to keep replaying the same levels and games again and again to have a chance to win them.
  • The one which is again a bit more popular among gamers than the previous one is and presumably the most reliable way to have your hands on a legendary weapon is to get in a fight with the Minecraft Dungeons’ big bosses. You can try your luck with the nameless ones in the Heart of the Ender and Desert Temple.

Let’s discuss some of these legendary weapons to have a better insight into them

Melee – the experts that are designed to help you take down large mobs with utmost ease, and keep surviving in the game. There are a few subtypes of melee, best of such is

  1. Heartstealer – the unique claymore 
  2. Glaive Bane – the unique glaive
  3. Venom Glaive – another unique and efficient glaive
  4. Soul knife 
  5. Some gauntlets, daggers, and cutlass

Ranged – another one is the best and most useful weapon in Minecraft that has multiple functions to perform. The subtypes of these weapons are

  1. Hunter’s Promise – the unique bow
  2. Trickbow
  3. Bone Bow – yet another unique bow
  4. Heavy crossbow

And that is how you can enjoy the best out of these unique weapons that Minecraft offers its players, either through your real account or through alts Minecraft, whichever you please. What you should always remember while using these weapons is that they will be outdated and won’t be that functional for you anymore as you level up, and hence it’s a wise decision to give up on them as soon as they don’t fulfill your purpose anymore.