Minecraft Follows Everywhere Gameband

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This new gadget will allow you to take your Minecraft worlds wherever you go. Discover everything you need to know about Gameband!

Can you imagine bringing along your Minecraft worlds with you wherever you go? And we are not talking about Minecraft PE. Oh no, we are talking about your actual worlds from your PC version! Well, now this is completely possible as you can have them attached to your wrist by using this new and amazing technology and if you are looking for a way to upgrade your Minecraft PC experience then hypixel hacking is the way to go. 

Innovations and new techs are being inspired by Minecraft and its huge amount of users all over the world. Some attempts have been made by fans before but this time we have a company producing a widget that will allow you to bring your Minecraft Worlds with you.

The Gameband is a wristband that stores information on the game as it also has copies of Minecraft for PC, Mac, and Linux for you to play on the go. All you need to do is to plug the Gameband into your computer and you will be able to run the game from there. 

Also, any advance you make while playing with your Gameband will be stored in it and, if you have access to the internet, all your progress will be saved in your cloud, making this a great tool to bring Minecraft with you anywhere you go, this literally is having your Minecraft Worlds in your hands 24/7.

But Gameband functionality doesn´t end there. It also features a digital watch so you can also profit from it when not playing. The displayed clock is LED tech-based, giving it a great futuristic look.

Gameband features USB 3.0 technology, allowing it to transfer files at high speed and its polyurethane built will keep it away from damage.

Gameband + Minecraft is already available online and in major stores like Target, Gamespot, EBGames, and NewEgg. This can be the best present for Christmas so, if you haven´t done your wish list, this could be a great element to add to it!