Whey Protein Shakes And Losing Weight

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Whey protein shakes are a powerful weapon in the “battle of the bulge.” Whey protein shakes play a major role in the achievement of a caloric deficit and the development of “fat-burning” lean muscle. Learning how to incorporate whey protein shakes into a daily meal plan will accelerate weight loss efforts. You can also try these most effective weight loss supplements and see for yourself how easy it is to lose weight.


When the goal is weight loss, two strategies must be implemented to successfully increase fat loss and promote lean muscle growth. Physical activity must be increased and consumption patterns must be modified. A 2006 study published in the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,” proved that a low-carbohydrate and high-protein diet had a significant effect on weight loss and body fat reduction. Including one to two whey protein shakes into your diet can be a useful strategy to increase protein consumption.


Whey protein preserves lean muscle tissue when participating in a workout program. The preservation of lean muscle tissue leads to a tight and toned physique while also increasing metabolism (the higher the metabolism, the more effective the body is at burning fat).

Whey protein can also help decrease appetite and reduce caloric intake when included in the diet as a between-meal snack. Haphazard snacking on cookies, chips and other high-fat treats throughout the day is a major cause of excessive caloric intake that leads to weight gain. Whey protein can serve as a healthier alternative.


When choosing a whey protein shake, keep in mind that all whey protein shakes are not created equal. Whey protein shakes vary in terms of their level of sugar, carbohydrate, and caloric content. High sugar whey protein shakes tend to have a better flavor. High-calorie, high-carbohydrate whey protein shakes are more appropriate when weight gain and maximizing muscle growth is the goal. For a more effective weight loss plan, a protein shake that maximizes protein intake while reducing carbohydrate and sugar intake will be the optimal choice.


Whey protein shakes can be purchased in two ways, as a pre-mixed shake or in powder form. The pre-mixed option is available in a can or single-serve bottle.

The powder form must be mixed with water or any type of milk (i.e. soy milk, low-fat milk, non-fat milk) in a blender or special “shaker cup.” The “shaker cup” is specifically designed to blend protein powders with water and milk. Consuming your protein shake with water is the most efficient choice as the total calorie and carbohydrate consumption is minimized.


Whey protein powders and pre-mixed shakes can be purchased in the nutrition aisle of the local grocery store as well as a discount store. Specialized nutrition stores and websites will often have a greater selection of flavors, high-quality brands, reduced-calorie, and low-fat/non-fat options. Specialized nutrition stores and websites can be more economical since the products can be purchased in bulk.