Symmetrical Construction In Minecraft – How to do it

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Making sure that your structures in Minecraft are one hundred percent symmetrical is not required nor a rule that you should always follow. But, in some cases it would not hurt to know a few things that would keep your majestic Minecraft creations nice and even. When I say “In some cases”, I’m talking about situations where you may need to save space, building machines that utilize water physics or projectiles, gardens, or if you’re like me and Minecraft triggers an OCD nerve, then everything has to be even no matter what.

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With all that being said, the best thing to always remember when soothing that OCD itch, “Odd numbers good, even numbers bad”. So I will explain by using a door way as an example. I am going to build a small 9×9 hut (odd number) with a door right in the middle of the first face. This one is simple, the odd block is the center of the wall where your door will go. If you count the blocks from left to right, the fifth block will be your center leaving four blocks on either side of the door.

We are going to try this on a larger wall and use a calculator to find the center where the door should go. I am going to use a 37×37 square so you should be looking at a wall that is 37 squares wide. If you take 37 and divide it by 2 you get 18.5. So the .5 (19th block) is going to be the center of the wall where the door will go leaving 18 blocks on either side of the door. The biggest thing to remember is that the odd number is always center. That concept can be applied vertically and horizontally.

Let’s use this concept to build a small garden because gardens should always be nice and symmetrical. One block of water will feed a 9×9 square to grow a garden without long aqueducts that waste space. So we need to place the block of water in the center of the 9×9 square to supply the tilled soil evenly. As in the previous example, the odd number (5th block) is the center of the square where the water block should go. Bam, you have a symmetrical garden that does not take up a lot of space. Practice this because it will be useful in later articles to build mob traps.