What Are The Best Tips To Play Fortnite Game For New Players?

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Double XP is back for another week, and with it comes a chance to earn some extra experience points. We’ve put together four tips to help you make the most of this exciting time in Fortnite.

1. Play On A Different Server

There are a lot of servers for Fortnite players to choose from, but that doesn’t mean all of them are equal. Some servers are more populated than others. If you play on a server with only a few people playing or no one at all, your chances of earning double XP will be slim. You can get around this by choosing a different server entirely.

2. Stay In One Spot

We know there are a lot of people out there who love to explore their surroundings, so if you spend an hour exploring every nook and cranny of the map, you may just find some sweet loot. However, if you stay out of sight for too long, you risk getting hit by an arrow or shot from a sniper rifle. It’s not worth the risk, so keep yourself hidden as much as possible.

You can also take advantage of fortnite’s weather system to your benefit. When the weather changes, it causes enemies to become aggressive, which makes it easier to kill them. For example, during rainstorms, if you have cover in place, you won’t even need to use a weapon. Just wait it out and you’ll get the job done without taking any damage. However, if it’s sunny outside, the game becomes trickier because you’re exposed to enemy fire. Try to do everything in your power to avoid getting caught in the open.

3. Keep Your Distance From Other Players

If you want to maximize your chances of earning double XP, you should try to keep a safe distance between yourself and other players. This means staying away from other people, especially those who aren’t wearing a mask. You don’t want to accidentally shoot someone in the face when they’re trying to hunt you down.

It’s best to play solo until you’ve earned enough XP to purchase a new character. That way, you won’t run into other players while you’re hunting for chests. You’ll also be able to complete challenges without having to worry about other players spoiling your fun.

4. Pick Up Chests While They’re Available

One of the things I like to do when I play Fortnite is to search for chests whenever I see them. Sometimes, players leave behind items like weapons and health packs that might allow me to gain more XP. If you don’t pick up anything else after completing a challenge, you could still earn a good amount of XP simply by picking up a chest. It’s important to remember that the sooner you start collecting XP, the better.

Don’t forget that you can also earn XP through daily challenges. These tend to offer better rewards than weekly challenges, but they require you to complete certain tasks. Daily challenges are available throughout the entire Fortnite season, so you never have to miss out on the opportunity.

You can check out our full guide to learning how to unlock all of the daily challenges here. And if you’d like to learn how to unlock all of the weekly challenges, read these guides instead.

First of all players have to buy fortnite account if they want to make their id look much better. After buying account they have to do some modifications which suits to them and one thing which players have to keep in mind is that do those type of modifications in which they are suitable as it is necessary.

5. Join A Squad

A squad is a great way to earn XP. You can earn up to 50% more XP than you would otherwise, and it’s easy to form a squad of three or four friends. To join a squad, select “Squad” from the main menu. Then, click “Join Squad” to accept the invite request.

Once you’ve joined a squad, you’ll automatically receive a message asking you to complete a special mission. Complete the mission to earn XP. If you’re worried about being attacked by other squads, it’s always best to stick to one squad rather than joining two or more. Don’t worry about leaving a squad before you finish a task; once you’ve successfully completed a mission, you’ll be asked to restart it again. This ensures that you don’t lose the XP you’ve already earned.

6. Upgrade Your Weapons

The best way to increase your XP is to upgrade your weapons. Every weapon has its own level. The higher the level, the faster the weapon performs and the more damage it does. There’s also a chance that a weapon will break, which decreases its speed and power.

To level up a weapon, you must first collect the required materials. These materials include ammo, parts, and shards, and you can acquire them by defeating enemy players and completing challenges. You can find each item listed below.

  • Ammo: 1x Ammo per 5 shots (50%)
  • Parts: 2x Parts per 3 shots (20%)
  • Shards: 5x Shards per 5 shots (100%)

Once you have collected all of the items necessary to upgrade your weapons, head into the weapon tab in the main menu. Click on a weapon to view the XP requirements. Once you meet the requirements, you’ll receive that weapon’s level-up.

Keep in mind that you can only upgrade one weapon at a time. After upgrading your primary weapon, you can then upgrade your secondary weapon. When you reach Level 100 on a weapon, you’ll receive an upgrade reward, such as an extra magazine or a new attachment.

7. Get A New Character

Another way to earn XP is to create a new character. Each new character costs $300, and you can create up to six characters. You can unlock new characters by purchasing a Battle Pass. You’ll also have to pay $300 for each additional character you create beyond the first six. So, if you plan to play online, you’ll have to spend $600 total to create six characters to play online.

Each character comes with several advantages. For instance, you’ll have access to skins, emotes, and attachments that you can apply to existing characters. You’ll also unlock unique outfits, dances, and dance moves for every character. Finally, you’ll get access to a selection of new vehicles, including motorcycles, hoverboards, and snowmobiles.

8. Earn Experience Points By Completing Challenges

Challenges are another way to earn XP. You can complete challenges by collecting resources, killing enemies, and completing objectives. Every five times you complete a challenge, you’ll receive 10 XP. You can earn up to 150XP for completing a single challenge. You’ll also earn a chance to win a special prize depending on what type of challenge you complete.

Fortnite challenges are divided into multiple categories. You’ll find challenges for specific types of characters, like the Engineer, Soldier, Ninja, and Heavy Gunner. Some challenges are exclusive to certain characters, so you’ll have to decide whether it’s worth it to invest in a particular character.

9. Earn Extra XP With Loot Crates

Loot crates give players the ability to buy random gear. Many of these items will grant you additional XP, but some will be worthless. The best way to ensure that you’re getting something useful out of a crate is to equip it to your character before opening it. When you open a crate, the items inside will instantly drop onto the ground. Then, you can equip them to your character.