What Are Common Households Pests and Various Ways to Control Them?

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Pests are annoying creatures that can destroy your property and make living space less pleasant. In addition, they will contaminate food sources and invade your home with their dirty, smelly bodies. Domestic ants, in particular, can show up in homes with little warning, causing residents to scramble for solutions. 

You live in a house, so you have to deal with pests. Not the cute, fuzzy kind, but the not-so-cute kind that invades your houses in search of food or water. The blue beetle pest control isn’t easy work. But it doesn’t have to be difficult either. Here are all the go-to pest control tips for getting rid of ants, roaches, fleas, and crickets without breaking too much of a sweat.

  • Clean Up Your Home

Ants and roaches are attracted to dirt and grease. So keep your kitchen clean, do not leave dirty dishes in the sink, wipe up spills immediately, and don’t leave dirty clothes on the floor. A clean home is a happy home for humans. It’s also good for keeping bugs away, who can sense hidden crumbs under the stove or behind the fridge.

  • Track Down the Culprits

Once you know what’s causing the issue, it’s time to get rid of it. For example, you notice a roach infestation in your kitchen, and you clean up the area, yet pests are still there. Finally, you realize they are coming through an opening in your wall that leads outside. Don’t just seal off a hole; exterminate the roaches coming through that specific hole.

  • Throw Out the Trash

If you have problems with a particular bug, you should avoid putting food or trash items on the ground outside your home. These are free food and drink for ants, roaches, and other bugs. If you must put trash outside for pick-up, make sure to place it in a sturdy can that has a lid. Note: Pests do not come from trash cans; they come from picnic tables, benches, and other outside areas.

  • Remove Food

Most food and drink attract insects. Do not keep food out too long, especially in the pantry or fridge. Once you open a package of crackers or cereal, eat it as quickly as possible. Also, keep your kitchen clean so you can avoid having crumbs left behind that ants and roaches can crawl through. 

  • Don’t Leave Even a Little Copper Around

Ants love copper and often build nests in copper pipes and plumbing fixtures. So if you have copper piping or anything other than plastic, don’t allow it near food or drink items in the kitchen or pantry, for that matter.

There are a few great ways to keep ants and all the other pests out of your home, but it’s still important to remember that all pest control methods have their limitations. And unfortunately, some bugs can even become immune to certain pesticides after a while. So it would help if you never forgot to clean up your house regularly and watch for possible roach infestations.