Relationships With Her Friends – Know about the relationships

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When you start a fresh new relationship, everything goes exactly how you want eat: dinners, wine, flowers, hot nights. But, in a couple of months, maybe immediately, you face some problems. These issues include her annoying friends, who always rant about their work/love life/relationships, or they look at you with eyes full of despair. So, how to deal with friends if they are very close to your significant other without making her choose? Here are some tips and tricks that was provided by

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  1. Feel the water. So, your girlfriend introduced her friends to you. Are they boys or girls? If first one, don’t panic and feel jealousy at once. Maybe, this is her friend from the childhood. I mean, if she liked him so much, she would choose this guy, but not you! Don’t be mad and don’t you dare starting dramas over her new handsome-looking friend. You could be best friends too if you give him a chance. If you try to hence them off, she will think of you as a bossy and extremely assertive tyrant, who doesn’t trust the beloved one.
  2. Ask what her friends think of you. That way your girlfriend will understand that you genuinely care about her and people who surround both of you.
  3. Dislike detected. Do you see that two of her female friends give you that bitter look or say directly to your face that she could’ve done better? Well, people are always judgmental at first sight. Don’t start acting up; just ask them what made them think you are not her best choice. Make sure you are not giving them any reason for judgment. I know it is kind of difficult when you want to share this time with your girlfriend, but instead you run into her unpleasant friends. Maybe, they are just worried, because their BFF’s relationships didn’t end well last time.
  4. Your friend is my friend. When the contact is set, invite her friends over for a cup of tea (yes, even those you dislike). Now you can start a conversation about their interests. Who knows, maybe those people are extremely funny and you’ll find a lot in common once the ice is broken. Don’t just sit in the room and play Subway Surf while they are discussing something unusual.
  5. Show your love. Try to be as hospitable as you can possibly be and soon her friends will realize that you are actually quite a nice guy that will protect her. Not every first meeting can be great, but you can definitely change the situation for better. You can ask if the road was easy, say that you worry about her being so serious about work.
  6. Wait, what? Sometimes the situation is drastically different. Her friend seems to like you… a little more than she should. Come on, you can spot things like this right away! Is she getting closer to you while your girlfriend is in the other room? This is not OK, you’ll have to tell the friend that you can definitely see her intentions. But try not to make a quarrel out of it, because you will just separate two close friends. Just whenever you see this attention, tell that you feel uncomfortable about the whole situation. Be direct and friendly.
  7. You’re caught. What if this attention is both-sided and you feel like falling for her girlfriend’s friend. First of all, think twice. Is she worth your break-up? She might sugarcoat things and even flirt with you. But you don’t even know this person. So don’t be shallow and leave things as they are until you realize all pros and cons about this questionable betrayal.