How to download MP3 music on your device?

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Who doesn’t love an uninterrupted stream of songs while cooking or cleaning? Although you are surrounded by a plethora of options to provide you with music, the free ones are still scant. What you need is a source of music that plays whatever you want without any ads or internet lags. 

Therefore, the best way to get all of this is to download your favorite music on your device. With this, you have your music on the go for every mood and occasion. The best part is the low storage requirements by the MP3 versions of the songs. 

Read below to learn the easiest way to download MP3 music on your device.

Prepare a list

The first step in the process is to identify a list of songs that you want to download. By preparing a list, you would save time and download all your favorite songs in one go. You can either go by genre, movie, or even artist. 

Identify a free source

The best part about directly downloading a song from the browser is that you get to have them for free. There are tons of reliable sources online which don’t even ask you to add your credentials. All you have to do is enter your required songs and they will get them for you in an instant. 

Source could either be an app or a website. However, make sure to choose safe sources. You would not want your computer to get flooded with viruses. As it is very difficult to make the right guess, try sticking to a few recommendations. You can even download lagu for a better experience. These could either be through your friends and family or online as well. 

Search for the songs

The next step is to start looking for the songs on your list. The websites always have a search icon on their Home screen. Type your songs there and wait for the results to appear. In case you have an entire list to download, it is unlikely to find all the songs on one website. 

Therefore, keeping one or two extra sources in handy would save you time and effort. You can search for the songs on different sources on different tabs. 

Click on download 

Once you are sure of the results, you can start downloading them. However, make sure to check the size of the download. You can find the required file in different sizes on the same website. The size difference would change the quality of the music. Therefore, choose accordingly. 

After this, click on the download button and wait for the downloading to start. Do this for all the songs you want to download. 

Final Words

Downloading MP3 music from online sources requires minimal effort and time if done right. It is important to choose the right sources or download lagu and check the size of the files being downloaded. Once done, you would get to enjoy a huge list of music that you can listen to anytime anywhere without interruption that too for free!