Everything You Need To Know About Soft Girl Outfit

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The most popular trend on TikTok these days are warm fluffy clouds, fluttering butterflies and pastel colors. The trend is inspired by traditional 2000s feminine soft girl outfits such as cutesy crop tops, tennis skirts and lip gloss. However, involving butterflies, penchant for pastels and flowers in these outfits is like modernizing the unique element from the nostalgic and past era. 

Do you want to change your dressing style? Do you want to look trendy? If yes, here is a complete guide on how you can change your dressing style and look amazing with this latest trend. 

Here is a list of soft girl outfits that can modernize your dressing style and make you look prettier than ever:

Soft looking trousers     

The fashion industry has borrowed the latest trend from the past, including soft girl trousers. The two main choices of this look include mom jeans and wide-leg cords. High-waist denim provides you with a stylish as well as a cute look. If you want to look fluffy, it is recommended to choose the lilac or baby pink color of the trouser. After this, match them with the same color top to give a classy look. You can further add the matching accessories for a complete look.

Tops for girls

Nowadays, the latest trend among girls is a pastel crop top. The best part of soft girl outfits is that you can wear it the whole year irrespective of the season. You can wear a long sleeve cardigan, a polo shirt or a turtleneck for styling your outfit. You can wear a cropped singlet with a cardigan to add multi-layer to get extra warmth in winter. You can wear these tops with high-waist slacks, a tennis skirt or with mom jeans.

Hats for girls

Hats are an essential accessory in soft girl aesthetic outfits to showcase fashion. The key feature of hats can be found in lavender, lemon and baby pink. If you are looking for a hat that goes with any soft girl outfits, then it is the best option to choose a beret or classic bucket hat. The amazing feature of such hats is that they are easily available in every size, style and color. 

Bags for girls for a soft look

Accessories like handbags give an attractive look to your outfit. They are considered a major part of Y2K and 90s style. Mini handbags are evergreen, you can use them with any outfit you wear, and it never looks out of fashion. Pastel color shoulder bags are also gaining wide popularity in the market. You can either wear mix and match handbags in contrast to your outfit or match the bag with the color of the outfit your wear.

Soft girl outfits with skirts

Tennis skirts have wider popularity worldwide, whether in a classic white, dainty pattern, or pastel plaid. You can wear these styles of skirts with anything and also look smart. If you like to give a cute look, you can wear it with a bralette. At last, give a complete look with your favorite sport shoes or sneakers.