Easily Get Into a Fortnite Bot Lobby in Chapter 3 Season 3

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One of the best parts about playing Fortnite is the ability to join a bot lobby. With the introduction of Chapter 3, Season 3, getting into a bot lobby has become even easier than ever before. There are now multiple ways you can do this, and in this article we’ll show you how to get into a Fortnite bot lobby quickly and easily without having to buy fortnite account or use any third-party services.

What is a bot lobby?

A bot lobby is essentially an online room where your opponents are computer-controlled bots rather than real players. The purpose of these lobbies is to allow players with lower rankings or less experience to practice against AI-controlled opponents without too much risk of losing their ranking or rating in the game. This also allows new players to learn the basics without having to worry about competing against human opponents who may have more experience and knowledge of the game.

How do I get into a bot lobby?

There are a few different ways to get into a bot lobby in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3:

1) QuickMatch feature

The quickest and easiest way to enter a bot lobby is to use the QuickMatch feature on the main menu screen. Simply select “Play” from the main menu and then select “Quickmatch” from the options presented. This will take you straight into a random game with mostly bots as your opponents – no special codes or cheats required!

2) Private Match feature

If you want more control over who you play with, you can use the Private Match feature instead. From the main menu, go to “Play” and select “Private Match” from the list of options presented. You will be asked to create a custom match code that other people can join if they know it, but if you don’t share it, only bots will be able to join your private match. This gives you more control over who plays in your match, but still gives you access to an entire server of bots, rather than just a single opponent as in QuickMatch mode.

3) Custom games feature

Another way to access a bot lobby is through the Custom Games mode, which can be accessed by selecting “Custom Games” from either the “Play” main menu or the “Social” tab if you are already in the game client/lobby area. Here you will find several different types of custom game modes, such as Solo vs. Squads, where teams can be made up entirely of AI bots if the host player wishes. Once selected, all you need to do is select a map type & start playing!

4) Creative Mode

Finally, there is the Creative Mode, which gives players complete freedom over environment setup & rules. Here you can select different multiplayer games (e.g. Team Rumble) within the ‘Rotation’ tab, invite your friends & set up the team composition as you wish, including adding AI bots on each side! All you have to do is start the session & play together against those pesky machine controlled opponents!

5) Third Party Services / Buy Fortnite Accounts

For those looking for an even faster solution, there are always third party services where you can buy pre-built accounts with high levels & ready-made stats – not recommended though as they’re usually expensive & come with various risks such as account bans due to software tampering/hacking attempts often used by service providers!


Getting access to a Fortnite bot lobby has never been easier than it is right now in Chapter 3, Season 3, thanks to all the different methods outlined above – whether it’s through Quickmatch mode, private matches or Creative mode – there really should be something for everyone, no matter what level they’re playing at!