Diet Plan For Body Buildres – Check the plan 

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Most bodybuilders decide to bulk up during in winter season,in order to gain muscles eating more to gain muscles eating more and training heavier ,if you want a bulk up phase to be effective.It needs to be executed properly.


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you can not bulk up phase by eating everything or trying to lift as heavy as possible so that all of the increased weight gain will come in the form of muscle.This old method will only lead to exercise fat gain.The best time to bulk up is after you have been dieting for a long period of time.At this time your body act like a sponge and absurd all of the nutrients.

It is no matter that how good diet is,most of the weight that you gain in the form of muscle some of it will be in the form of fat ,the fact is that when you feed your body more calories than what is burned,some of calories are stored in your body as body fat .you can minimize the fat and maximize the muscle mass by hard training and by starting from a low percentage of body fat

Diet plan:

you must know how to maintain diet,protein.carbohydrate and fat must include in your diet would not start your diet based on such a high amount of protein and such a low amount of carbohydrates.everything should be used according to the following ratio 50% carbohydrate 30% protein and 20% should keep your protein consumption high at the same time you will reduce carbohydrates and fat keep your protein high and reduce carbohydrate ,it is no matter you will start becoming higher for protein and lower for carbohydrates.your diet plan will be consist on the following plan:

Breakfast : protein+carbohydrates+fat

Lunch : protein+carbohydrates+fat

Dinner : protein+carbohydrates+fat

Snack : protein+carbohydrates+fat


  • Protein source : 1 egg whites
  • Carbohydrates source: 1 cup oats
  • Fat source :1 tablespoon of flax seeds

egg whites are the best thing in your breakfast.if you want to build lean mass then you only take the egg white because the yolk has the fat and you want to build only lean mass,not fat mass.oat meal provide us carbohydrates ,it will help you get your energy levels up for the is high in fiber and low in fat.flax seeds low in sodium but a great source of breakfast is covered, let’s move on to lunch.


  • protein source : 1 cup tuna
  • carbohydrates source : 1 cup brown rice
  • fat source : almonds

tuna is one of the best source of protein that bodybuilders can possibly have in their food.the best things in it is that it is cheap .but before buy or get it make sure that it is stored in water.brown rice is a complex carbohydrates that is rated low on the hypoglycemic index scale.almonds are a good source of vitamin E ,calcium magnesium,potassium,zine,iron and fiber.lets go ahead and focus on dinner before going to bed you want to make sure what u want.


  • protein source ;1 cup roasted chicken
  • carbohydrates source ;1 cup black beans
  • fat source;1 table spoon olive oil.

chicken is a bodybuilder’s best friend.eggs provide protein for breakfast and chicken is also the source of protein for dinner at the end of the day.everyone can afford it easily ,you can prepare it in different ways for eat.Bleak beans contain carbohydrates and protein .If u focused on fat loss. then you will not have carbohydrates source at the end of the day.olive oil the thing that you add in your dinner in different add it to a salad at dinner or cook with it.


protein source: cottage cheese(1 cup)

carbohydrates source pine apple(1 cup)

cottage cheese is best for you it will keep your body from going into starvation mode in the middle of the night.pineapple are good to have as a snack.It will help u breakdown all ten other food u take in through out the day


you should do additional and proper effort to make natural order to see best result,it will be essential to ha solid muscle building diet to follow,which will provide the nutrients your body needs in order to generate this new body mass.