Baby Boomers Aging Drug Addicts

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The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction estimates that the number of people aged over 65 in need of treatment for drug abuse and related problems in Europe will double between the years 2001 and 2020.

In the USA, over fifties with drug abuse problems were around 1.7 million in 2000, expected to increase to 4.4 million by the year 2020. Research indicates these figures to be representative of global trends.

The focus of attention over the past fifty years or so has been on child and adolescent drug abuse. As yet, there has been absolutely no effective mainstream intervention despite much public concern and a wealth of government funding.

Statistics show that young children in our society increasingly choose to abuse drugs and continue to show symptoms of intense emotional distress.

Many who took to drug use in their youth, in the post war “baby boom” years, would appear to have continued with drug use and maintained the habit into middle age. These people have, since adolescence, managed to cope with their feelings, raise families and hold down responsible jobs while using escapist substances, not only alcohol but also illicit drugs.

For the past fifty years or so, everyone has been climbing over everyone else to achieve a “successful” life – measured not in terms of what your values might be, but your overall net worth.

Both adults and their children have felt the intense pressure of materialism, a need to comply and succeed for over fifty years. People in general would not seem to be happy with the results – pandemic illness, malaise, distress and feelings of “emptiness”.

Aging drug addicted people, born in the 50′s and 60′s are now coming to the end of their productive, workforce life. No one has seemed to care until now about the damage their drug use might have inflicted, upon others or themselves during the course of their lives.

With symptoms of mental and physical breakdown emerging, society is now concerned about who will pay for the care and possible rehabilitation of our aging drug addicted population.

In order to make full recovery from damage inflicted by drug use, people need holistic treatments and methods to detoxify both their body and their ways of thinking.

Research has shown that aging drug addicts feel lonely and isolated. They also have mental symptoms of memory loss, mood swings (anxiety/anger/depression) and paranoia. Physically they have circulatory, respiratory problems, diabetes, hepatitis and malnutrition.

Is it not a sense of loneliness and isolation from meaning, worth and value that leads to feelings of malaise and to drug use in the first place. Many aging drug addicts have spent a lifetime trying to “cope” with feelings of alienation and futility.

It is never too late to make a new start, don’t continue to be a statistic. Make a decision to sort out your emotional issues and take responsibility for your life with the support of holistic programs and treatments for drug abuse and addiction. Whatever is making you feel anxious or depressed is at the root of addiction.

Holistic detox for drug addiction and holistic rehabilitation methods let you see soon enough the flawed ways of thinking that lead to anxiety, depression, possible drug use, addiction and ill health.

No matter what damage has been done to you, or what damage you have done to yourself, sorting out emotional issues with holistic care can bring recovery, at any age, from emotional pain, addiction and ill health.

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