What Are The Factors To Consider Before Choosing The Messaging Application?

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I’ve had a lot of friends in my life that have been using private messengers. I’m not going to tell you what they do, if you don’t want to know what they do then don’t ask. This article is about the things to look out for when searching for a private messenger. 

It’s important when searching for a new messenger that you take your time and make sure it fits with your needs before you commit to downloading it. Below are some tips that will help you spot the best messaging apps for you. 

The First Things You Should Do Before Downloading Any Messaging App 

– Try It Out On Your Smartphone or Tablet – If you’re thinking about purchasing a messaging app for your smartphone then see how it works first on your phone. There’s nothing worse than trying to use an application that doesn’t work properly on your device. 

– Check The Pricing Plan – Most people who get into a private messenger usually find themselves having to pay for one after they’ve used it. So it’s important that you check the pricing plans to make sure you get something that suits your requirements. 

– How Many People Will Be Using The Application? – One thing that always gets overlooked when searching for a new messaging app is how many users it has. The more users an application has the better chance it has at being successful. 

When you go looking for a messaging app be sure to keep these points in mind and you should come away feeling a little bit more confident in your decision. 

What Are Some Of The Best Private Messengers? 

There are dozens of applications available that claim to be the best private messenger around. However, there are some that really stand above the rest. Here are three top messaging apps currently available. 

  1. Line: This messaging application was created by Naver (one of the largest internet providers in South Korea). Although the service isn’t available outside of South Korea, this application is still very popular in Asia. 
  2. WhatsApp: Created by Facebook, this messaging application can be downloaded on most smartphones as well as tablets. It’s also free to download so you won’t have to worry about paying any money to use it. The only downside to this application is that it’s not as widely used as the other two options. 
  3. Viber: Similar to WhatsApp, this application is also free to use but unlike WhatsApp, Viber lets you send voice messages as well as text messages. 

If you’re thinking of getting a private messenger then try these three applications out to see which one fits your needs best. 

What Kind Of Security Measures Are Available With These Applications? 

Most people are concerned about privacy when they search for a private messanger. While most of these applications offer a degree of security, here are some examples of the sort of measures that are available. 

Line: With Line, you can set up a PIN code to protect your account. Another option is to set up a password and require verification from your mobile number. You’ll also need to enable the ‘auto reply’ feature within the application which allows someone to contact you even though you aren’t online. 

WhatsApp: You can opt to disable all incoming calls and texts. With WhatsApp, you can also turn off location services if you want to make sure that no one can track where you are. In addition, you can choose to restrict who can view your profile. 

Viber: This application offers similar features to WhatsApp. In addition, you can set up a PIN code and restrict the amount of contacts you allow in your group chats. 

All of these applications offer varying levels of security and it’s worth taking the time to explore them all to decide which one best suits your needs. 

How Secure Is An Application When It Comes To Privacy? 

When it comes to security, there are several things to think about. Let’s start with the fact that every single private messenger application has access to your phone’s address book. This means that it could potentially access information such as your name, email address, and phone number. 

In terms of security, there’s a lot of debate between different companies. Some will state that their application is secure while others will say that it is not. 

A good way to test the level of security is to download a fake version of the application. Then, you can see what happens when someone tries to log in to your account from another country. If it asks for a password or PIN code then the application probably isn’t as secure as you thought it was. 

To avoid these types of issues, it’s best to stick to the ones that are considered to be the most secure. You might get lucky and find a few that are more open than others but you’ll be able to get a much better idea of how secure something is when you try it yourself. 

There are lots of different factors to consider when choosing a private messenger so it’s important to do your research and make sure that you understand the type of application you’re downloading. Take the time to compare each application and you should find one that stands out from the crowd. 

Should You Use A Virtual Private Server? 

Another thing to watch out for when looking for a private messenger is whether or not the application uses virtual private servers. A virtual private server is essentially a proxy server that makes it appear like the connection is coming from somewhere else. This way, the application thinks that the person accessing it is not actually located anywhere near its server. 

Virtual private servers are very useful for keeping your personal information safe. They can be used to hide your identity when you use public Wi-Fi networks as well as to access restricted content. 

However, there are ways to identify whether or not a particular application uses virtual private servers. If you’re not sure whether or not an application does, you can easily check it out by typing the URL of the application into Google. This will then give you a breakdown of the IP addresses that the application is connected to. 

If you see a bunch of different IP addresses listed then you can assume that the application is using virtual private servers. Alternatively, if you see just one IP address then you can assume that the application is using regular servers instead. 

As long as you use a VPN or proxy server when you’re browsing the web then you shouldn’t encounter any problems. As long as you don’t share your username or password with anyone then it shouldn’t matter where the actual connection is coming from. 


Private messengers continue to grow in popularity as the Internet becomes more popular. Unfortunately, there are lots of people who are unaware of what goes on behind the scenes when they use these applications. 

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By reading some simple tips, you should be able to avoid making some common mistakes when you’re searching for a new messaging app. By sticking to the recommendations given in this article, you should be able to find a private messenger that meets your expectations.