Ways To Prevent The Allergic Reactions To Steroids

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Steroids cause sufficient steroid hormones in the blood, preventing the brain from secreting hormones to the adrenal glands. For this reason, the adrenal glands gradually shrink when the original production capacity decreases and the use period becomes longer—adrenal glands about the adrenocortical cortex and the cortisol, adrenocortical hormone, etc.

Do not leave the medication in the mid to escape inflammation

If you stop steroids in this state, you may cause hypoglycemia when your body is stressed. In addition, if there is inflammation, there is a risk that the inflammation will worsen due to the lack of steroids in the body. So, do not leave the medication in the mid abruptly to escape inflammation. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), this type of allergy affects 20 million people in the United States.

Avoid Long term administration of Steroids

The function of the adrenal gland, which has decreased once, does not recover immediately even if the administration of the steroid drug is stopped. Long-term administration of steroids should be avoided, as longer durations of administration take longer to recover. When administered for a long time, it is necessary to wait for the recovery of the adrenal glands, gradually reducing the number of steroids.

In addition to not being able to get out of the dependence state when administering steroids further just because the adrenal glands do not recover, it can be said that long-term administration in chronic diseases, etc., may lead to high risk because there are side effects of steroids.

Improve Eating Habits in your Daily Life

When steroids are used as topical medicines for skin diseases, side effects such as thinning of the skin, atrophy, and blushing due to the spread of capillaries may occur. When steroids are supplied from the outside, the body gets used to them, and dependence occurs when used for 2 to 3 weeks or more. To do so, it is necessary to review the way of life, such as improving eating habits.

If taken internally, organs that do not require steroids are also affected. Side effects are particularly problematic for long-term use. The most problematic side effect is an increase in blood sugar levels. Symptoms may worsen in patients with diabetes. Because it uses protein and fat to produce sugar, muscles may be thin. In addition, fatty acids increase in the blood due to fat metabolism, which may cause hyperlipidemia.

The function of the immune system may help to reduce the inflammation

Although it has the effect of suppressing inflammation, there is a risk that it may not be able to repel viruses and bacteria that become pathogens due to its action. In addition, it has an anti-inflammatory effect that interferes with the production of inflamed substances or interferes with the function of immune cells to suppress inflammation and creates effects such as making it easier to harden blood and speeding up the recovery of wounds, and exciting the central nervous system to boost mood. The essence of this lack of study is to understand that medicine is not for healing the body but for suppressing symptoms and how to improve immunity to cure the body.

Step-down therapy: An alternative to lower the high effect

Based on the data posted in the atopic dermatitis medical care guideline 2018, the company was prepared to launch the “step-down therapy” that gradually lowers the level from the type with high effect. Like other drugs like steroid Anavar kaufen drugs, it generally started with weak drugs such as weak and medium, and “step-up” therapy was expected, which raised the stage of strongness to strong, powerful taking its effect.