The top car modifications for a more aerodynamic ride

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When it comes to car modify in UK, there are many options available to help improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. One simple yet effective modification is the addition of aerodynamic features. These can include a front air dam, rear diffuser, or side skirts, all of which work to reduce the amount of drag on your car as it moves through the air. Another option is to install a more efficient exhaust system, which can help reduce the amount of energy required to move your car and thus improve fuel efficiency.

In addition to these performance-based modifications, there are also several cosmetic changes you can make to your car that can help reduce wind noise and improve the overall look of your vehicle. This can include adding custom wheels or installing a new paint job. Whatever modifications you decide to make, be sure to research and choose high-quality products from reputable manufacturers to ensure the best possible results. If you’re unsure about what modifications might be best for your car, consider consulting with a professional car modify company in the UK for expert advice.

1 . Remove the spare tire

By removing the spare tire from your vehicle, you eliminate a point of turbulence that causes drag . This isn’t the only benefit that you’ll receive by getting rid of the spare , but it’s a big one.

Today, most car manufacturers place a spare tire in the trunk or underneath the vehicle. This is far from optimal from a performance standpoint , and the extra weight can cause unnecessary drag . By removing the spare tire, you’ll reduce the overall weight and aerodynamic efficiency of your car.

Be aware that removing your spare will void your insurance policy , so you’ll need to take this into consideration before you make the switch .

2 . Adjust the windshield wipers

If you’ve ever wondered why your windshield wipers don’t seem as efficient as they once did , it’s because they are no longer equipped with the same technology that their predecessor had. Most modern windshield wipers are outfitted with a rain sensor that tells the vehicle’s computer when to start or stop the wiper blades .

Many older wipers use tiny metal weights to prevent the blade from moving when the rain stops. This makes it difficult to fully utilize the wiper’s effectiveness .

To remedy this problem , you can modify the wiper blades and install plastic weights inside that displace the excess fluid . This will prevent the blades from moving during other weather conditions as well.

It’s worth noting that this task requires some basic mechanical skills , so don’t expect to be able to do it yourself – you’ll need to take it to a mechanic .

3 . Add a spoiler

Car spoilers have come a long way since their original inception . Today , most spoilers are designed to be used on and off of your vehicle, and they are designed to be aerodynamically efficient without taking away from the aesthetic look of the vehicle.

Some spoilers are made of a light-weight composite material that makes them incredibly durable while also adding minimal drag to your car . Other spoilers may be lightweight aluminum or plastic , which will add minimal weight while reducing drag.

Whenever you’re looking into adding a spoiler to your vehicle, there are a few things that you’ll want to keep in mind. First , you’ll want to make sure that the spoiler is engineered for your make of vehicle . A poorly engineered spoiler could cause it to break or fail to function properly, which could lead to an accident or at the very least make your car less aerodynamic.

Second, you want to make sure that you install your spoiler on your car properly. If you’re not familiar with how to install a spoiler on your car , it’s best to take it to a professional . Doing so will ensure that the spoiler is installed correctly and securely, which will make your car more effective at reducing drag.

4 . Install a lower-profile exhaust system

Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to driving. While you can’t make changes to your car’s engine , you can make changes to its exhaust system in order to optimize your car’s performance while reducing drag .

A lower-profile exhaust system will have less resistance , which results in less drag overall . The downside to a lower-profile exhaust system is that it produces more noise than a standard exhaust system.

If safety is your primary concern , then consider installing a low-profile exhaust system, but if your primary concern is the reduction in drag, then a standard exhaust system will be a better option for you .

5 . Install aerodynamic window tint

The most important component of your car is its tires, but the window tint is a close second . Window tint not only reduces the amount of heat that enters your vehicle during the summer , it also helps to reduce the amount of wind noise your car produces.

The best thing about window tint is that it can be made to fit any windows in your vehicle – even those on the hood and rear windows. Whether you choose to apply window tint on the front or rear windows will depend on how much drag you want to reduce and how much heat you want to block from entering your car .

In general, the windshield has the least amount of impact when it comes to reducing drag , so if you want to maximize your window tint’s effect, apply it there .

6 . Add a car cover

A car cover isn’t just a fashionable accessory for your car – it actually serves a functional purpose . A car cover will dramatically reduce the amount of wind noise that enters your vehicle and it will also reduce the heat that enters during the summer season.

It’s worth noting that some people use car covers in the winter months as well, since snow tends to accumulate on the lower portion of a vehicle’s roof , which can cause wind noise and heat to enter your car .

A car cover will also protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays – another good reason to consider investing in one .

7 . Add an active aerodynamic device

Most of today’s cars come equipped with a mode called Active Aerodynamics , which allows you to manually manipulate the airflow around the car by pressing a button on your dashboard .

If your car is equipped with Active Aerodynamics, then that’s great – but if not , you’ll need to manually manipulate the airflow around your car using other methods – such as adding a spoiler or installing a lower-profile exhaust system .

The only benefit of Active Aerodynamics is that it automatically reduces drag when the vehicle’s computer isn’t doing it for you. But that’s about it .

Once you choose to install a spoiler or lower-profile exhaust system , you won’t have to worry about manually manipulating the airflow around the car – and this will allow you to focus on other performance tasks .

8 . Install a car heat pump

During the summer , your car needs to cool off in order to stay cool . That’s why most cars today are equipped with an air conditioning system.

Air conditioning works by creating cold air using the engine of the vehicle and then circulating it through the cabin of the car to cool down the entire interior of the vehicle .

Unfortunately , the process that all cars go through to cool the interior is inefficient – it uses the engine to generate cold air and heat from the engine is used to create a hot airstream .

By installing a car heat pump in your car’s HVAC system , you can eliminate the need for an engine to generate cold air – allowing you to utilize the engine only to heat the air inside the cabin .