The Devil Tarot Card – Understand the meaning of the devil tarot card

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You are sitting at the table doing a tarot card reading and up in front of you jumps number fifteen. The picture on the card has a winged, horned devil with a black pedestal, a female and male figure that are both nude, an inverted pentagram and chains. Before you run away from the tarot card reading and hide from it, you should look more into this card. This is The Devil.

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We must start by telling you that the Devil is the most misunderstood card you will find of all the major arcane. The Devil that appears is not really “Satan” himself. The Devil is simply Pan. Pan just so happens to be the half-goat nature god and or Dionysus. On this card, these are gods of abandon and pleasure, of the unbridled desires and wild behavior.

Capricorn is the ruling sign of the Devil and the Devil card is all about ambitions. The Devil card is also known to be synonymous with addiction and temptation. However, if you want to take a look at the Devil card on the flip side, the card can actually be warning someone who is being too restrained. Perhaps someone who never lets himself or herself get passionate, messy or wild – this is a form of enslavement.

The Devil is known for standing for a man of money, aggression, erotic power, and controlling or simply just persuasion. This is not necessarily saying it is a bad man but it could be a powerful man that is hard to resist. The important thing is for you to remind the Querent that any chain can be worn freely. In many cases you are being enslaved simply because you allow it and do not stop it.

The Devil is one of those tarot card who takes a walk down some of the things that are very frightening. The things we are taught to look at as shameful or evil such as materialism, valuables, food, drugs or even sexual desire. At the worst, the Devil is either the stalker or the addict that is totally enslaved or obsessed. At its best, the Devil is a card that is giving into impulse, going for the gold, cutting lose or climbing every mountain to the top. Out of all of the tarot cards in the deck, the Devil is viewed by many individuals to be one of the most complex and interesting.

The Devil card is one sided. You may know already that there is no other card on the tarot deck that is one-sided. Many of the cards on the tarot deck urge balance, yin-yang, restraint and unity but not this card. The Devil card is tilting toward the masculine completely and it is a card that is known for reveling extremity.

You will find many individuals that will tell you the Devil card is one of the most dangerous and powerful cards to be found in the tarot deck. If you look at it from a magical point of view, the Devil card is the one card on the tarot deck that is holding the secret of how to escape the temporal bonds of Earth. There is no doubt that the Devil card is a fascinating and very potent card.