Start In Crypto Guide – Check out the info in the guide

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This guide offers a quick start into Crypto investments and there are many other ways to get started, introduce FIAT currencies to Crypto along with other exchanges and ways to invest. However this guide is simply to give you a starting point to begin with and you can develop your own strategy over time.

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The first thing you will need to do is introduce your FIAT currencies to the exchanges the easiest way I have found to do this so far is using Coinbase. When you sign up you will need to go through the verification process. This will involve you dragging out your passport and taking a few webcam pictures of your passport or using your smartphone to do exactly the same. Depending how busy the exchange is will determine how quickly you are able to add FIAT currency to the exchange. Normally Bitcoin and then once its into Bitcoin it can be traded anywhere in the Crypto world for other currencies or goods. You can also buy several other main Crypto currencies on the exchange. One thing to monitor when doing transactions into Crypto and between Crypto transfers on Coinbase is the Fees. I won’t put a specific price or percentage on this guide as it may change over time and saves the guide getting out of date.

Now one thing I use this for is simply getting money into the Cryptosphere as once it’s in there I move to Bittrex for trading. The main reason I use Bittrex is I find it easy to use, visually easily to monitor and its broad selection of Crypto currencies available. It is also recognised for its security. Below we walk through transferring your Bitcoin Crypto to Bittrex. An important factor here is you can only transfer a Crypto to its own type in the exchange. For example you can’t buy ETH on Coinbase then transfer it to a Bitcoin address on Bittrex. It can be ETH to an ETH wallet or Bitcoin to Bitcoin the same goes for all currencies on the exchange.

The first thing you need to do is transfer your currency across so we open up your wallet(s).

In this example we have bought Bitcoin on Coinbase exchange and now want to transfer it into Bittrex so we can buy Crypto in other currencies such as NEO which isn’t available on Coinbase. So we click the “+” in our wallet to signify we want to add more Bitcoin to our Bittrex wallet.

Now we have an address we can send to this address Bitcoin. If it isn’t showing press the button to generate a new address. Don’t worry you can’t go wrong as you haven’t put any Crypto in your wallet yet. Now the important bit is making sure you copy the address “EXACTLY” as it says if you get it wrong you’re at risk of losing your Bitcoin.

Now we take this address to the Coinbase site and click “SEND” on the Bitcoin you have added and it will ask for the address. Place the address you have created/have from your Bittrex wallet into the Send address on Coinbase and then just send the quantity. Don’t worry if this takes a while it can take 30 minutes sometimes if the exchange is very busy.

Now your Bitcoin is in Bittrex you are now ready to start trading. How to buy and sell is extremely easy but the difficult part is researching and investing in the right coins. But we will go through how to get started below.

The first thing to realise is there are three different currencies being pinned Bitcoin, ETH and $ as each will give you a level of value against the Crypto you are trading.

For today’s example we are using Bitcoin to buy NEO coin.

Now we look at how much we are going to pay and how many NEO we get for our Bitcoin.

It looks complicated but its fairly straight forward. I recommend spending 15 minutes hovering over things and clicking before clicking on “BUY”. As you will see there are extra features. For example if you click on the ORDER BOOK buy prices it will automatically fill in the pricing for you in your buy section pricing. In the same way if you also click “Max” it will buy as many NEO Coin as possible with your Bitcoin balance.

This will get you started on getting into Crypto and I recommend watching our YouTube channel for more information about coins, ICO’s and information. We also appreciate any donations as we share our experience and knowledge in the world of Crypto to help others join the financial revolution.