Reasons why you would love Demon Slayer

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Being one of the most popular entertainment genres, Anime is a favorite of both kids and adults. With a strong storyline, interesting characters, and jumpstarting twists, it is earning fans all over the world. To get an even bigger reach, Anime is getting translated into different languages at a very large scale. 

Out of all the popular ones, Demon Slayer Shirt is a favorite of many. Although it has just two seasons out, for the time being, its fandom is ever increasing. If you have still not watched the show, it is time to add it to your list. Read below to know why.

Unique plot

A great plot is quite common to anime, however, Demon Slayer comes with a plot that you have never watched before. The entire storyline revolves around different relationships the characters have with each other. 

The show has become a very strong example of love and support which does not necessarily mean romance. It has given importance to a bunch of other relations that other shows don’t emphasize on. 

Traditional Japanese backdrop

Another unique characteristic of this anime is the traditional setting that the show is placed in. The clothes and accessories that the characters use would take you to the rural Japan that stays hidden most time. Additionally, the architecture shown in this tale brings you closer to early Japanese living. This setting also makes several twists coming your way more believable. 


Another thing to take note of is the graphics used in the show. Bright and attractive colors make the scenes look very interesting to the viewer. The creators have made sure to choose the right backgrounds for every scene. 

Be it the fight scenes, landscapes, or the cityscapes, the graphics used in the show make you an even bigger fan. You might start to get used to the brightness of the entire show, making the real world a bit dull for you. Moreover, Demon Slayer is considered to have one of the best graphics and animation, any manga series has ever created. 

Fighting sequences

As has been mentioned above, the story of the show is very well written. This includes the various fight scenes that keep coming throughout the season. However, it is worthy to note that the flights are very well planned and made to look as real as possible. 

Even though, it is a show, all the fighting sequences you will come across would seem quite believable to you. This is one of the reasons why even adults are seen wearing Demon Slayer Shirt. You will also like the weaponry style used in the show which is very simple but strong. 

In Conclusion

If you are thinking of giving anime a try, starting with Demon Slayer can be a good idea. As the seasons are not very long, you would not feel overwhelmed even a bit. The story is crisp and to the point, it will keep your interest intact and make you more curious by the episode.