Minecraft Server- Its Various Types And How To Set Up The Best One?

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Have you heard the name of the game Minecraft? This is a game that is most popular on the internet today. Players from all over the world love to play this game as it involves certain unique features that are like the attraction for most of the people. In addition, there are various servers that provide the opportunity for the players to play the game.

The players need to be very careful while making the selection of the server; try to select the Best Minecraft Survival Servers so that you can play the game in z better way.

Different types of the Minecraft server

Before a player starts playing the Minecraft game, he must select the server to play the game. There are various types of the servers available, out of which the player can select the one that he thinks will be the best for him. Now we will discuss in detail:

  • Private Minecraft server

This is a server that gives permission to a limited number of people only to play the game on their platform. Private Minecraft servers are known to be password protected in nature, as a result of which the layers have complete control over their account. Therefore, this server will be the best choice if you want to use the server with your friends and the family members.

The main thing about this server is that the user needs to be quite careful before he wishes to use this server.

  • Players can host their own server

Another decision that the player can take is to host their own server. Suppose the person makes the selection of this type of server. In that case, you will need a powerful PC and also a fast and the stable internet connection for its proper working. in case if you wish to do less investment, then setting up your own server will be the best option for you.

Second option to host your Minecraft server is through the hosting company. In this mode, the player is required to pay a certain sum of money as the fees, but this will comparatively more straightforward method than hosting it yourself.

  • Modded Minecraft server vs vanilla Minecraft server

Another type of the server out of which the layer can make the selection is the modded Minecraft server and the vanilla Minecraft server. In order to play the game in the best possible way, you must find the Best Minecraft Survival Servers. In case if you select a server that is not trustable, then it will risk your computer to a great extent.

These are some of the various types of servers that are available as an option for the people. In case if the player plans to create a self-hosted Minecraft server, then they need to be very careful while sharing the IP address of their server. Make sure that you select the information with the known person only as then the risk of fraud will reduce.

How to start with a Minecraft server?

The essential thing that the person must have before starting the Minecraft server is complete computer knowledge. The person is not required to be an expert in this field; just the basic knowledge will help the person. The player must have a regular Minecraft game, other than computer knowledge.

Now we will discuss some of the things in detail:

  • Minecraft edition server

If we talk about the Minecraft java edition server, then this is basically a software that helps the players in creating their own server. This is the Best Minecraft Survival Servers that the player can download from the official website at free of cost. Once the procedure of downloading the server is completed, the player can run the specific command that is required to run the server 9i the best possible way.

  • The latest java version

Another thing that the person will have to keep in mind is to keep their hands in the latest version of the java. In case of you are not having the latest version of java, then you have the option to download it from the official website.

  • A good internet connection

In order to host the Minecraft server in a proper manner, the player need to have a high speed and a stable internet connection. So that running the server becomes convenient for the player.

The speed of the internet connection must be at least 10 MBPS, but in case if the speed is even higher than this, then it would be best.

  • Powerful PC

This procedure also requires a powerful computer where you can run the server in the best possible way. For example, if you are planning to give permission to the four players on your server, then, in that case, you must arrange at least 1 GB of RAM, 150 MB of storage and also an intel Core Duo on your computer.

In case if you select the Best Minecraft Survival Servers, then the configuration you will get will be up to the mark.

  • A Minecraft server hosting service

There are various hosting services that are available as an option. Selection of the hosting service is optional for the players. They can select the one if they think things should. Else they can avoid it.

These are some of the things that are required by the player in order to play the Minecraft game.