Knee Pain Caused By Muscle Imbalances? Here Are Some Exercises to Cure It

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Experiencing discomfort in the knees is quite common after a certain age. Many people are affected by knee pain, and the main culprit is joint pain from muscle imbalances.

There are some sorts of muscles around the joint that are stronger or weaker than any other body part, due to which it causes unnecessary stress in the joints.

Several types of exercises can be performed by a person suffering from joint pain to decrease the strain on the knees and improve their strength.

However, bow legged people need to follow some extra challenging working exercises to release their knee pain, as it is pretty standard in people with this leg condition.

It is not a disease, just a different pattern of the leg, just like a flat foot, and some additional exercises can solve the problem of knee pain in such people and provide them with a healthy lifestyle.

  • Squats

Squats are the highest valued exercise when you are suffering from knee pain. It boosts your collagen and releases your pain. In addition, this exercise will engage your muscles from ankles to thighs providing you posture and strength.

It is pretty easy to stand straight and turn your knees outwards. Make sure you do not bend your knees inwards. Slightly sit back into heels just like you are sitting on a chair. Just keep your chest and back straight.

Make sure you do a set of three of eight to ten rips to get the desired results. This exercise is perfect for individuals suffering from bad posture, knee pain, and back pain.

  • Leg pressing

If muscles that support our knees adequately slow down, it increases the load of the knee joint, causing inflammation and pain.

These are very common in people who do not exercise regularly and do not provide total nutritional value to their bodies. Every part of your muscles requires minerals and protein to work effectively, and if we do not offer it, they will lose their stamina.

So having a proper diet with performing this exercise empowers your knee and relieves you from knee pain.

All you need is to sit on a leg press machine by keeping your feet wider and hips apart. Then, bend your knees and keep your back straight against the machine. And start doing three sets each of eight to ten reps.

  • Banded walking

Do you know which muscle is vital for proper movement on your knee? For example, in the backbone muscle, a slight pain in your backbone will indirectly cause you pain in your lower abdomen which will be transferred to your knees.

All these are interrelated, so to keep your knee perfect, you have to make other body parts work effectively.  Due to this, banded walking is the best exercise for all these problems.

You have to place a resistance band above your knees around your thighs. You can perform two exercises with it. First, walk straight, stretch your legs as much as possible without removing the band, and second perform some squats with this resistance band.

If you use the band in this way, you will feel drastic changes in your knee movement with less pain. And continuously performing these exercises will free you from joint pain.

Just perform 20 reps of both the exercises in three sets for several months, and you will get unbelievable results.

  • Stretching your calf

Calves are considered very important if you are facing knee pain, and the flexibility of the calf is the reason for all types of knee pain. The more flexible you are, the less joint pain you have. Therefore, this exercise is essential and does not require a lot of strength.

It can be performed in some simple steps. First, you have to stand straight facing the wall and place your hands in front of it. Next, keep your back foot straight and stretch your back.

Hold this posture for 10-15 seconds, and then release yourself. Perform it in two to three sets.

  • Quadriceps

This exercise is specially designed for people with bows legged as it helps them strengthen their core and improve their posture, which will directly help them tackle the problem of knee pain.

This exercise should be done twice a day, 20 times. Each time takes around 10 to 15 seconds to pull off. 

All you need is to make a roll of the towel, put it under the knee, and press it against it.  It will make your toe turn outward and solve your knee pain.


If you are willing to reduce your joint pain perform these exercises regularly for a couple of months. These exercises are primarily known for their advantages for people suffering from joint or back pain. It will provide you 100% if done correctly.