Is Being a Gay is Normal? – Read Here

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People who identify as gay can often go through the internal process of revealing their identity. It’s a very challenging part for them due to rains of reasons. 

Due to the bad response of others and am I gay test, they won’t be able to feel their true self. The family members, friends, and peers judge them unfairly. Being with this identity, they are accused a lot. 

It is because this is beyond the expectations of others, especially the family members. Also, it is considered to the against religious and cultural beliefs. They are also treated in a bad manner that is acceptable to them. Read everything about gay beneath.

Is it normal to feel for same-sex attraction?

Firstly, what is a bad feeling for the same sex? There is nothing immoral, abnormal, sick, or usual. Some people feel for the opposite sex and others for the same, and there is nothing harm in that. 

People think that this is a disease that can be cured or fixed. However, a gay is not a disease that requires some maintenance or a cure to fix the same. Undoubtedly, there are thousands of people going with the same at this moment. 

In Australia, there are approximately 50,000 couples who love to be with their partner who is gay. It’s normal, and facing this situation might be challenging, but all it needs is confidence and the power to face the world.

Is it possible to know about sexuality?

Yes, people can recognize their sex reality, whether gay or bisexual. Many people find their sexuality at an early age when they are young; however, others question their sexuality for a longer period. 

But, always remember that people who question their sexuality do not have more chances to end up being gay or bisexual. Some people find this because they recently come to know that they are gay, which makes them wonder what their sexuality is. 

However, it’s normal to explore your sexuality and realize what your sexual expression is. People can label their sexual identity as gay, bi, straight and more. This can be easily understood by yourself in which category a person belongs.

How will it feel?

Broadly speaking, coming out with sexuality is a huge process typical for a person disclosing their identity to being gay. This is very typical for them to tell their family members and friends because they fear losing them. 

Same-sex attraction is not a problem since it is quite normal. However, people fear because of the negative reaction they will receive about their sexuality. Many people respond to this badly and crack a joke about their sexuality that is disappointing for them and hurtful. 

On top of that, when they receive such reactions and bad responses from their close ones, it is heartbreaking and surprising for them to accept their response. All they need is the support of the nature of a person and not a feeling of isolation.

What does homophobia mean?

Homophobia is an attitude towards gays and lesbians. For example, when other people crack a joke about gay and put it down, it refers to homophobia. The other terms describe homophobia or violence, harassment, and discrimination against gays. 

People who have a relationship with lesbian, gay, or bisexual might experience the stigma or discrimination that causes a stressful life. Society does not accept mostly, and it hurts them a lot and affects your mental peace. Sadly, those people are at risk of mental health outcomes because they are taken with their human rights by being gay. Of course, it is very typical for them to accept the harassment and violence.