How to decide on the highest-performing Minecraft server type? 

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So, you have already argued with your friends about selecting the right type of Minecraft servers. Now, you have become puzzled about penetrating the best server in Minecraft. Well, the growth of Minecraft servers depends on its tailored features, high-quality gameplay, and dedicated staff. Here is a list of some most sought-after Minecraft Survival Servers that will assist you to decide on the fastest growing Minecraft servers. 


Currently, the most demanding Minecraft server is undoubtedly Hypixel. Considering the peak hours, more than 100,000 players tune into this server, which is beyond any competition. With unique and innovative game modes like bedwars, this particular type of server has evolved itself to new heights.  In the year 2020, the release of syblock game mode has made this network highly successful. Even after 10 years, this single server has set the highest record of player counts in the Minecraft game. 

Feed the Beast 

If you are searching for a modern Minecraft server, Feed the Beast is your ultimate choice. Usually known as FTB, this server offers its players new mechanics, advanced technology, current blocs, up-to-date system, and many more. With the user-friendly launcher, this overload server is formulated on technical themes like Buildcraft, IndustrialCraft, and Red Power for your convenience. The best part of using this server is the flexibility of modifying these packs within the launcher. 

Vanilla Minecraft

If you are looking for your very first server, Vanilla Minecraft is the best option for you. It is the unaltered version of the original game that was developed by Mojang. For keeping yourself safe and join the game easily, it is best to adopt the appropriate version of Minecraft. This particular server maintains the conventional commands and controls, thus helping you login into the server with ease. 


If you want to gain excellence in multi-player game mode, choosing the Spigot server is the best decision. This server can be optimized for better performance and maintaining firmness. Small servers, as well as long servers, increasingly depend on Spigot for its highest compatibilities.


If you have already wet your feet into the world of the prison server of Minecraft, this popular server has made you able to rule the game with its astounding features. For the last few years, this purple prison has been able to make the players ambitious with its custom plugins, innovative gambling mechanics, and much more. At peak hours, the server has been logged in by more than 1,000 coexisting players. 


More like Vanilla Minecraft, this high-end server offers a modified experience for the inclusion of plug-ins. This server is designed in such a way that each player can get access to a server-based experience with optimum flexibility. This is a user-friendly platform for every server owner for maintaining versatile performance. For the availability of multiple plugins, this server can let the players join with other clients. 

Choosing the most appropriate Minecraft Server

By now you have realized that there are a dozen types of Minecraft Survival Servers available to support your game with high performance. You can change your server type any time as per your convenience and get optimized with lag-free game mode. Sit with your hosting site and choose your server.