Guide On Tracking iPhones Without Alerting Its Current User

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Do you need a simple and dependable method for secretly tracking the whereabouts of a mobile phone without alerting its current user? We got you covered. Did you know that the government is not the only one capable of doing so? It is also possible for you to track an iPhone or other mobile phones in secret, without needing any technical skills or specific equipment.

This article will explore the various ways in which you can track a mobile phone that will not alert its current user. The tips below can help you in localiser un iPhone without the thief knowing that you are tracking it, or for other purposes. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Use Android’s Find My Device feature

To track the whereabouts of an Android phone, you need to first visit Google’s Find My Device page. Afterward, you need to sign in using the Google account that was connected to your Android device when you first used it. Most Android phones have a corresponding Google account linked to them since you need one to be able to use Google apps and the Play Store. From the sidebar of Find My Device, select your phone. The next menu will show you the feature to show its location, provided that the device has GPS turned on and is connected to the internet.

  1. Use Apple’s Find My iPhone feature

On the other hand, if you are interested in finding out how to track an iPhone, proceed with the steps below.

Use another iPhone or iOS device to access the Find My iPhone software. You can also use the iCloud website if you don’t have access to another Apple device. Next, log in with the Apple account credentials that were active on the device you’re looking for. Every Apple device needs an Apple ID before it can be used, so your missing iPhone should have one. Once you are logged in inside the account, select the specific device that you want to find. The most recent location of that iOS device will be shown on the Apple Maps application.

  1. Use Windows’ Find My Device

Microsoft offers an application that enables users to locate one another using their devices. Similar to the methods mentioned above, you need to have the log in credentials for the Windows account on the lost mobile phone before this can work.

Log in with your Microsoft account with the correct username and password, then click on find my phone to see its location. In case you are unable to view the location, you can click on “Refresh.”

You may utilize the above-mentioned methods in accordance with the operating system of your mobile device. Additionally, various phone brands may give free applications that allow you to monitor your device. There are even applications that you can install on the mobile device that can do the tracking for you.

Using applications intended for tracking

The methods mentioned above, although free will not enable you to quickly trace a phone. You also have other drawbacks, such as the device being unable to be located if it’s not connected to the internet or on the GPS network.

Luckily, there are applications that are created for monitoring a phone without such limitations. Obviously, these applications must be installed on the device to gain access to its location via GPS.

Depending on the application you chose, you can transmit the position of any mobile phone quietly with real time locations and a map on your control panel. Its current user will be unaware that you are attempting to trace their device or location.