Game Changers When It Comes to Using an Electric Shaver for Sensitive Black Skin

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One of the main reasons why electric shavers burst onto the scene was to reduce the dependency on the traditional shaving methods. Their main motive was to stop using a variety of creams, gels, and foam to get the perfect shave possible and make it much easier to travel on the go. the electric shaver also takes up a lot less time since it is essentially the machine that is doing a majority of the work. Here we break down some tips when it comes to using an electric shaver for sensitive black skin

Tips and tricks to get the best dry shave possible using an electric shaver:

  • A dry shave as the name suggests involves you not applying anything on the surface of your skin during the procedure. This also involves not wetting the shaver blades for any reason. 
  • Always ensure that the razor is properly charged before you begin to use it on your face. The constant pulling and tugging that will ensue after this will guarantee a less than ideal shave for you. Before using the shaver make sure that your battery is at least 50 percent charged.
  • Do not press the shaver into your skin by any chance. Some shavers heat up during the process, especially the blades. During the process, this extra heat will only make matters worse for your skin. To minimize friction, you can also add a few drops of machine oil.
  • The direction of shaving also makes it a lot easier if done correctly. If you have a thick beard growth, try to use your hand and stretch out your skin, and make it easy for the shaver to glide across. It is also recommended to use the shaver in small rotary motions. 
  • If you haven’t shaved your beard for a long time, it might not be a good idea to directly use the electric shaver. Trim your beard first to ensure that the shaver blades do not get snagged in your beard.
  • Always ensure that your shaver is kept clean. Any clippings of old hair or dead skin can be a breeding ground for bacteria and can cause infections at a later stage. 
  • If you notice any parts not functioning properly try to replace them as soon as possible. This will reduce the overall damage being done. 

Some other tips to keep in mind would be to use a razor that suits your skin type and lifestyle habits. Not all razors make for the best option for all types of skin. For sensitive skin, it is recommended to use an alcohol-free balm to cut down on the irritation. Moisturizing your skin after the shaving process also ensures healthier-looking skin. Also do not try to rush through the process as it may end up looking quite uneven on your skin. Keep these few pointers in mind and you will find a marked difference in the way your shave now feels.