Drug Testing- Company Procedure

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Unemployment has become a huge problem in many countries because there are many qualified people that deserve the job but are unable to get it due to cut throat competition from all sides apart from blatant nepotism that is prevalent in many organizations where owners tend to hire their near and dear ones over talented folks.

Nowadays an even bigger concern for the companies is to hire the right people for the job that doesn’t have a dubious background to his/her name like criminal history, pending fraud cases, drug addiction, etc. and it is the latter we’re going to discuss about in this piece of writing.

No one wants to hire a person that is dealing with problems related to substance abuse which is why many organizations have strict rules and regulations to conduct drug tests on potential employees before hiring them for the job because for them nothing is more valuable than the reputation of their company that they’ve build over many years.

Random Process

Drug test have become an important procedure in various companies and business organizations because there have been cases of employees behaving rudely with staff due to substance abuse and encouraging others to try it out as well.

There have been employees that have faced withdrawal symptoms that have led to violent behavior from their side that has also besmirched the good name of the company they are working for.

 As a result of which companies have become more stringent in conducting drug tests by adopting two important procedures for drug test and they include pre employment and random testing.

This helps in screening of potential candidates where they are told about the repercussions of substance abuse before employing them based on the extent of their addiction and how much content is available in their system so as to decide whether they’re safe for hiring or not.

Drug tests also largely depends upon the state laws because out of 50 US states there are some that have extremely strict laws while others not as much that has led to many candidates believing that it is due to the lack of trust employers have on their potential employees.

It should be made clear that drug tests are conducted not just for the organizations’ repute but for the employees’ as well because all companies are concerned for the well being of their hires for humanitarian reasons.

Performance Basis

There are strict drug tests for people that are into substance abuse because the ones you might be consuming could be legal in some areas while illegal in others depending on the state you live in so you have to provide a logical explanation along with an authentic prescription from the doctor/hospital that you’re consuming drugs for medical reasons.

Be honest to your employers about your past drug issues without relying on fakery to escape tests like synthetic urine because not only is the company doing it for your own good, they have to think about the safety of other employees working in the org because substance influence hampers performance that leads to negative results.

Also, people that are identified for drug abuse and possess all the qualities required for the job are sent to rehabilitation centers so that get over this addiction and are ready to join.