Different Types Of Fat Loss Diets – Explore them

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A number of modern fat loss diet plans guarantees great outcomes. Some of them produce very well on these promises that they gain popularity with consumers. Here are a few fat loss diets and some important points about them.

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Atkins Diet

The Atkins diet is a well-known low carbohydrate diet named after its author Dr. Robert Atkins. Written in the 1970s, this diet plan is based on the theory that with the restriction of carbohydrates, the body will end up burning fat. The practice involves the restriction of simple carbohydrates such as sugar and processed flour and allows good sources of protein.

There are four phases in the Atkins program. In the course of the initial phase, the body proceeds through burning up carbs to burning fats. Carbohydrate consumption will be restricted to less than or equal to 20 grams each day. Additionally, you must also manage to quit sugar during this period. On the second stage, the fat loss will improve and also you will be able to eat larger servings of fruit and vegetables. The daily carbohydrate intake is increased by 5 net grams per day.

The third phase, which is called the pre-maintenance phase, the daily net carbohydrates allowance is increased again by 10 grams. The last phase requires lifetime maintenance. You must continue to battle food temptations, maintain your weight, and minimize the opportunity of suffering from diabetes.

However, the Atkins diet also suffered from controversies. Some experts such as the American Heart Association have considered this diet to put people at risk for developing heart disease. There has also been growing concerns for people who have serious diseases saying that the diet plan is not appropriate for them. Likewise, it will be your doctor who will determine the right program for you.

Low Carbohydrate, High Protein Diet

Carbohydrates are generally the primary source of energy for our body. They supply us with energy by means of combining with the oxygen in the bloodstream. Fats are also good sources of energy, but they come only next to carbohydrates. Hence, for the body to burn fat, one must adhere to a diet low in carbohydrates.

Generally, the goal of a high protein, low carb diet is to help you avoid overeating. If you combine these two diets, it could help increase your satiety while eating only a few calories. Besides, protein is also very important for building and repairing body cells and it is not used up for fueling the body. In the long run, when carbs are not readily available, the body will turn to burning fat.

Limiting the intake of carbohydrate should be the appropriate term, as some people incorrectly perceive that a low carb diet is a carbohydrate-restricting diet. In the event that the body does not receive adequate carbohydrates, it breaks down lean body mass such as muscle and other tissues to generate glucose. Therefore, not eating the right amount of carbohydrates would be only become counterproductive.

While calorie intake is an important aspect in weight loss, the way we lose them is just as significant. Hence, for a powerful equation for fat loss, dieting should still be coupled with an exercise routine.