Diet For Back Pain

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We seldom think of our diet and back pain as being related. In our busy world of unplanned lunches and dinners, sometimes the only scheduled meal is breakfast. Even breakfast takes a hit with the rushing to work, errands, and school. People seldom think of the many ways this reflects upon their overall health. It is seldom even thought of being part of the problem when we have back pain problems.

Muscles, ligaments, and bones need a constant supply of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Without a constant supply and depletion of resources can cause even more inflammation and resulting weakness. This weakness causes loss of tone and alignment of joints and the spine which can cause fatigue injury or make it difficult to recover from accidents.

The foods you eat

Your muscles need the nutrients to not only power them, but the various building blocks in the proper mix of vitamins and amino acids to make sure they are rebuilding from ongoing exercise. In modern times people have been relying upon supplements to take the place of food, energy, and coffee drinks to energize a difficult day, and extra food when a meal has been skipped. 

There still is no substitute for a balanced meal eaten in a relaxed manner. This is not to say supplements are not to be taken. The main rule is not to try to make up for bad habits by taking shortcuts. They work in the short run, but slowly deplete the body of its vital resources.

Vitamins and minerals should be taken as what they are called, supplements. They are good for an extra preventative rather than being the main course to the diet of each day. Fresh fruits, vegetables, balanced whole-grains cereals, bread, and pasta while staying away from highly processed foods will help in keeping inflammation in the body at a minimum and giving the muscles their best chance to recover from day to day needs, prevent injury, and help with quick back pain relief.