Common Mistakes Every Man Should Avoid While Shaving Balls

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Are you scared about the things not to do while shaving your balls? Or have you already given it a try and found the process to be tacky? Well, getting rid of pubic hair can indeed be a challenging task and sometimes painful also. However, umpteen men regularly trim or even shave their genitals and are super happy with their experience throughout. Well, the trick here is to avoid any mistakes while shaving, and it will indeed give harmless and effective results. Never jump into the procedure straightaway with razors or trimmers; it is significant to educate yourself first. Read informative articles or watch some tutoring videos before proceeding.

Here is Hubscart’s guide enumerating the common mistakes men do while shaving their balls so that you can avoid them the next time.

Mistake 1- Using any random razor or other tools

It is highly imperative to understand the fact that the genital area is super sensitive and requires separate products for any grooming process. It is a common approach to use the same razor for pubic hair used for the face, arms, legs, etc. This is a strict no-no. Never use the same trimmer, razor, scissors, or any other tool for shaving balls. Buy the specifically-designed products only as others will prove to be harmful to your crotch and butt. 

Also, do not forget to wash or sanitize the genital shaving kit before and after every use. Using an unclean trimmer or razor will invite infections.

Mistake 2- Not taking a shower before the process

This is probably the most skipped step making the whole shaving process a mess and pain. Several men have reported that they found it utterly chaotic when they tried to shave their pubic hair in dry condition. Some have even talked about getting cuts, infections, and other unintended adverse outcomes. The problem here is that men forget or avoid washing their genitals before shaving. Thus, a dry and untidy crotch leads to such troubles.

So, always take a shower or at least wash the pubic area to soften the hair and remove any bacteria, etc.

Mistake 3- Not using a sharper blade for shaving balls

Many readers will find it a surprising point and may even misread it in the first instance. Especially, as a first-timer, it is obvious to get puzzled to hear that not using a sharp blade is a mistake. Usually, people think it the other way and consider a sharp blade risky. However, for shaving, it is the exact opposite. Using an unsharpened blade can make shaving balls a tedious task and can rather cut the skin. 

Thus, the mistake here is to use a dull blade and avoid a sharper one. One can indeed opt for a round blade, but its surface should be sharp for a safer experience of shaving genitals.

Mistake 4- Wearing tight undergarments or fragranced products

Now coming to the last but not the least mistake, men find it okay to wear tight underwear. Also, it is a common practice to perfume the crotch area or use unsafe products like after-shave oil, etc. Your crotch might smell wowing with all these products, but it will be feeling burns underneath. Tight undergarment will also cut air circulation resulting in perspiration, bacterial growth, and other infections. Close-fitting clothes and scented products can cause breakouts, ingrown hair, allergies, rashes, and several other unpleasant conditions.

Thus, wear comfortable inners that let enable air circulation easily. Also, it is good to use after-shave oil; however, make sure it has no allergens or alcohol content. Do not use other fragrances around your crotch.