Astrology Birth Charts And Their Relation To The Zodiac

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The science of astrology is most commonly seen by the average man or woman on the street when they read their daily or weekly horoscopes, little realising that their personal astrology birth charts would give them a much more accurate reading.

Little do these people know or realise about the actual science of the subject of astrology and how much interpretation needs to be applied to the various signs in order to come up with a reading, whether general for publication in magazines and newspapers, for example; or for a private reading.

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If one is to delve into the science of astrology in order to focus on one’s life path, one first has to understand what the birth chart is and what it means. The first step to take, therefore, would be to consult with an astrologist who has the know-how and knowledge to draw up your personal birth chart. This chart should generally be presented as a circle or wheel which is divided into sections, each of which have a bearing on your life.

For example, the very outer rim of the wheel is known as the “Circle of Animals” and relates to the twelve signs of the zodiac which everyone knows. These twelve sections of the zodiac roughly correspond to the twelve major constellations in our galaxy and are of prime importance and are highly significant in building a personal birth chart in line with astrology.

Your personal birth chart will show some of the cycles you have already been through and some, if correctly interpreted, of those to come. These cycles are the same for all living things and are determined by the exact point of the sun in the galaxy related to the place and time of one’s birth. Each individual glyph (as the sections shown on the wheel are known) reveals information as to the forces which guide you on your path through life and which are activated by one’s subconscious, or more specifically, by a certain set of coded drives which activate one’s subconscious state.

It is these coded drives which, when activated, create the will within our subconscious minds to become more aware of the subtleties surrounding us. This, in turn, makes us more accepting of our circumstances and gives us the mental tools to try to change things by the selection of the various choices offered; and by specific circumstances surrounding us and our position in the zodiac.

The science of astrology is complicated indeed, so if one wishes to go beyond the mundane and mass produced articles printed in magazines, newspapers and the like which have almost no bearing on an individual, one has to seek out an astrologist who is able to give a deeper and more professional reading. In your search for knowledge on this subject and for an astrologist who will give you a serious, studied and true astrological reading, be sure that the person you choose is able to provide you with astrology birth charts for yourself and for those who have a direct bearing on your life.