Artificial Plants And Its Maintenance

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You can have a choice of artificial plants on Artificial plant ceiling (Plafond vegetal artificial). Do you have a balcony that overlooks the skyline or your living room overlooking a beautiful garden? You can make it complete by placing an artificial plant. Artificial plants are available in different sizes and colors to match with most of your indoor and outdoor décor. 

Choosing an artificial plant to place inside your house is not easy, as there are many factors to consider when choosing one such as size, shape, color, water requirement, maintenance, and so on. 

The following are some common types of artificial plants that you may find useful while deciding which type is best for you. 

Types of artificial plants 

– Artificial Grass:

This is made up of synthetic fibers which are usually cut into blades and then glued together to form a green carpet like material. Some fake grasses come with a water reservoir system to keep it fresh. These fake grasses look real but do not require much care. They are perfect if you want an artificial lawn for a small space. For large spaces, it is better to go for real grass. Real grass has been used for centuries to provide a natural looking environment for people and animals alike. It also helps in retaining moisture and temperature. 

– Artificial Plants:

These are made out of plastic materials and they closely resemble real plants. They are suitable for areas where real plants cannot be placed. The main advantage of using these is that you don’t need to worry about changing them every few months. They last long without any maintenance. The drawback is that they cannot grow roots and hence cannot survive outside. 

– Artificial Foliage:

These artificial plants are made from plastic materials and are designed to look realistic. These fake foliage plants come in different shapes and sizes. They are meant to decorate your walls or hang from ceilings. If you have a small area, you can choose these fake foliage plants to fill it up. However, if you have a larger area, it is better to opt for fake plants that actually look like real plants. 

– Artificial Flowering Trees:

These are ideal for hanging from ceilings or along window sills. They have the same appearance as real flowering trees but they do not produce flowers. As their name suggests, they only bloom at night. They give a pleasant fragrance all through the evening. The disadvantage is that they cannot be moved around easily. 

– Wall Mounted Artificial Plants:

While wall mounted artificial plants are quite popular, they are also expensive. It is advisable to buy a fake plant that looks similar to real plants. If you buy a fake plant, you will save money. Another benefit of buying a fake plant is that they can be placed anywhere in your house and even outdoors. 

– Artificial Flower Bouquets:

These are ideal for decoration purposes. They look absolutely real and are very popular among interior designers. They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. There is no need to maintain them once bought. They can be placed anywhere in your house and even outside. 

Some other things to consider before buying 


Always choose a fake plant that matches your existing décor. A fake flower bouquet or artificial plant should not take up too much room. Choose a fake plant that fits in your budget and doesn’t take up too much space. 


Fake plants come in various shapes but most of them are rectangular. If you wish to add a touch of realism to your décor, opt for round or oval shaped fake plants. Round fake plants look more realistic than square ones. Artificial plants come in different sizes; choose the one that suits your décor. 


Artificial plants come in different colors. Choose a color that matches your existing décor. You should also ensure that it’s compatible with your furniture as well. 

Water Requirement:

Artificial plants require less amount of water compared to real plants. Always remember to check your fake plant’s water requirement before placing it in your house. Watering your fake plant regularly will help it live longer. 


Fake plants do not require any maintenance. Just keep it clean and dust free. Check its water level periodically and change the water if necessary. 


Fake plants cost lesser than real plants. However, if you want real plants, you’ll have to spend more. Also, remember that fake plants are prone to breakages. 

In case you still aren’t sure whether you should go for real or fake plants, check out this guide. 


Now you know which type of fake plant would suit your space and how to choose one. Artificial plants come in different styles and designs, so you can choose according to your preferences and requirements. Remember that the choice of a fake plant does not just depend upon its design but also its compatibility with your surroundings.