Android App Development: 5 Major Issues to Watch Out For

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In today’s tech-driven world, more people would like to learn how to use the latest technology to improve their businesses or enhance their work. Android app development is the process of using a mobile device that runs on the Android operating system, such as a phone or tablet, to create apps. These apps can be used for anything from listening to online music on your commute or finding out where your favorite restaurant is by following a map. 

As with any engineering technology, there are hurdles and pitfalls when learning this skill. Therefore, you must be aware of these issues before learning how to become an Android app developer. Also, you can go for a Low code application, an intelligent approach to coding that accelerates the software development process by simplifying the entire process.

  • It Is Not As Simple As It Sounds.

The first issue that you should be aware of is that Android app development is not as simple as you may think. While the technical aspects are not overly complicated, the business aspect can be overwhelming. This means that a single developer may not create apps for everyone who needs them; this means distributing apps, which can be difficult and costly. Multiple developers are required to solve this problem, which presents its problems, such as communication between departments and keeping projects on track. The main issues occur because of a lack of standardization between devices and operating systems.

  • Decomposition of Hardware

Another issue to consider is hardware decomposition. A developer must be aware of the phones that run on the Android operating system and the different sizes of screens and resolutions. Whether you are creating an app for a phone or a tablet, the amount of work involved is not the same. These differences can alter how you create your app, which adds to your workload. In addition, as more and more updates of the android operating system are coming, it becomes more challenging to develop an app that can match the standards and features of the OS.

  • Testing

Testing is always essential, but many different factors need to be tested with each new release for Android apps. The app needs to be tested for functionality and technical issues, such as network performance, connectivity, and battery power. An entire tester team should be created to ensure that each new release is thoroughly checked and tested. Also, they can run safely without affecting the device’s other components. In other words, it should be fully compatible. Moreover, you can go for a Low code application as it is easier to develop because of its optimized process and at the same time safer.

  • Security

Security is a significant concern for Android apps because there is no central source for reporting vulnerabilities or malware distribution. Any application you create can be downloaded and installed by anyone with a mobile device, which can be problematic if your app has bugs or security flaws that hackers easily exploit. You need to consider security throughout the design process, so pen testing services are not required at the end of the development cycle. Lastly, keeping up to date with potential security updates and patches is essential for keeping your application updated with the latest protocols.

  • Patent Infringement

One last area of concern is patent infringement. You should stay informed of recent patent lawsuits to prevent your application from being removed from the marketplace or if you need to pay royalties for technology you did not create. In addition, you will want to make sure that your app does not infringe on any patents that protect other apps, or you could end up paying hefty fees. Also, you may have to update your application to include new features and changes, which can be very expensive.

All of the issues that have been discussed here are important to know before embarking on the path of Android app development. However, proper planning and a strong team can be done successfully. Android app development can become a very lucrative and exciting venture, providing you with a great career opportunity. So, go ahead and take the initiative to make Android app development your career.