4 Essential Tips To Consider When Giving Bath To A Cockatiel Bird!

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Whether you have a cockatiel or any other pet, giving them proper grooming sessions is very much required. Some people take this lightly and make their pets bathe once a week, which is not considered a healthy option. 

It is your duty to pay attention towards the grooming and bathing activities of your bird. This will make them healthy and fresh all the time and keep them away from any type of dirt or smell. 

Here are some of the tips which you need to look after when giving a bath to your cockatiel. This is going to help you to have a proper healthy session with your pet to give them a fresh surroundings.

  • Prepare Your Cockatiel For Bathing 

This can be done if you take your cockatiel for bathing for the first time. A proper grooming session should be done, as the cockatiels grow their nails and feathers faster than other birds. 

It is necessary to groom your bird before taking them for a bath; proper cutting of nails and feathers should be done beforehand. Long nails and feathers become it difficult for cockatiels to move and walk around. So, it is important to trim them properly and then examine your bird by treating them with water. 

  • Check Water Sources 

There can be different ways which can be used to bathe a cockatiel. Taking a water source is the main consideration which should be taken care of. You should decide the source according to the preference of cockatiels, so they don’t get irritation and make noise. 

Accordingly, you can use a spray bottle, dish or perch, and a shower. You should choose the most liked and attractive way by the cockatiel. By choosing of their choice, will make them enjoy through the bathe. 

  • Make Attraction 

It is very important that your cockatiel is attracted to water because only it will get ready for a bath. You can start by giving a gentle spray with normal water, and make sure to avoid shampoo at the first trial. 

Always remember that never force cockatiel to bathe when they are not in the mood. You can only examine their mood by showing some attraction like toys, water, green leaves, etc., and see whether they are ready to take bathe.

  • Don’t Forget To Dry Them. 

Make sure once your cockatiel is freshly bathed, use soft fabric towels to make them dry. Usually, a cockatiel has a habit of drying itself simply by shaking its body. But, by using some cloth, they can easily get dried up. 

If you don’t make them dry, then dust particles can easily get attached to their body which brings no purpose to the bath. So, it is very important that you give them time to get dried properly so that no water droplets occur till the last. 

So, giving cockatiel bath will make them active, smart, and free from all the smells and itchiness. Using any way of bathing can be considered as per the preference of your bird, as it will make them enjoy the process.